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A lot of my inspiration for a concept derives from an individual's perception and experiences of the world. What they see, use, need, and how that works for or against them. This primarily focuses on the people around me, but as I network and expand my interests and hobbies, so do the everyday things that I come to realise, don't work that effectively.

How does colour focused way-finding benefit somebody with colour-blindness? Why are women's toilets always the furthest point from the main area?

In fact, I'm currently fascinated with colour and how does our individual application of colour affect the intended users when we apply our own personal, cultural, and societal judgements on it?

If you have any insights you, or research you wish to divulge to me, please get in touch!

My mission as a designer, and as part of many communities, is to network and learn from each other.

Learn what works, learn what doesn't work, learn what could make it work that little bit better, learn a new skill, learn a new life and develop on that.

I want to be a jack of all trades, and a master of them all too.

My mission throughout my degree, and throughout my career will be to understand other perspectives and world views and conceptualise that into spatial design for everyone to experience, build, and learn from.

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